FTZ Management.

Flagler Global Logistics is the only private company to own and operate from our South Florida Logistics Center property, which is one of the only designated magnet sites within the Miami-Dade County Foreign Trade Zone Number 281. This designation offers tenants within the Park a streamlined process to operate their premises as a FTZ in order to defer, reduce or eliminate customs duties.

We’ll guide you through the complex Foreign Trade Zone environment, helping you find all potential cost savings for your supply chain. Here are some of the key benefits we’ll explore for you:

Weekly entry—Zone users are permitted to file a single weekly customs entry and pay a single fee, rather than making multiple entries and paying multiple fees. this can add up to considerable savings.

Direct delivery—You may be allowed to have merchandise automatically delivered directly from the port to the FTZ, reducing clearance delays.

Duty Deferral—No duties are charged on merchandise while it’s in a Foreign Trade Zone and there is no time limit on how long the merchandise can be stored; this could significantly improve cash flow during inventory holding periods.

Duty Exemption—You may avoid customs duties on imported goods that are later re-exported or shipped to another FTZ; a key FTZ advantage for importers who distribute products in Latin America and the U.S.

Relief from Inverted Tariffs—If you import foreign merchandise through an FTZ and manufacture it into a product that carries a lower duty rate, the lower rate applies.

Inventory Tax Exemption—If you store merchandise in a Foreign Trade Zone and/or hold it there for export, it is not subject to state or local ad valorem taxes.