Sustainability Commitment

At Flagler Global Logistics, we believe sustainability is good for our world and for our business. For years, we’ve proactively identified, promoted and adopted industry best practices to improve the sustainability of logistics. Today, we’re committed to being environmentally responsible at every level.

Our strategically located logistics centers offer rail, seaport and airport connectivity, reducing the number of miles required to move goods to their final destination. This dramatically reduces our customers’ carbon footprints.

Our revolutionary new treatment process for fruits and vegetables not only preserves the cold chain and extends shelf life, but it’s more environmentally friendly than traditional methods.

And that’s just the beginning of sustainable logistics. We also:

  • Establish and review safety, security, and environmental objectives and targets
  • Operate programs that constantly reduce waste and emissions
  • Educate all staff and vendors in the supply chain about our environmental care policy and practical ways to enact it
  • Collaborate with customers to establish, review and execute their goals for carbon footprint and emission reduction